Unplugging : Growing In Solitude

Finding Your Happy Place


When was the last time you spent time alone?

There’s so much noise all around us. So many things are contesting for our attention. Some of the things are important, others are not exactly important. This is why there’s the need for you to unplug, recharge and come back empowered. Unplugging means different things for everyone. For me, it means finding my happy place and enjoying solitude.

Although you love your family and friends you need peace and use silence and solitude to touch base with yourself, think and find solutions to problems. The busier you get, the more needful it is for you to carve out time for unplugging. Allow solitude to be your happy place. I find it in small ways around me.

Why You Need To Unplug

To Improve Creativity

My best thoughts come when I am away from my work table when I am taking a stroll or in the shower. Whenever you step away from a problem, you begin to see what you failed to notice, your brain is able to view the bigger picture and come up with solutions better.

To Keep You Sane

Unplugging keeps you sane and hopeful when all the hustle and bustle of life hits. It reminds you of your ‘why’, motivates you and keeps you going. You will draw strength from solitude to overcome the struggles of life.

Finding Your  Happy Place

Your happy place doesn’t have to be anything fancy. It can be as simple as closing your eyes and breathing deeply or as dramatic as a weekend getaway with no contact with anyone. It can also mean spending a couple of minutes to meditate, reminding yourself of your journey or having dinner alone at your favourite eatery. Depending on the time of your life, it will defer.

The goal is to spend time alone with your thoughts. Set aside time to unplug. Find your happy place and run to that place when you feel overwhelmed in life. Learn to thrive in solitude. There’s so much you will discover about yourself. Give it a try.


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