The Side Hustle Movement

making extra money to finance goals


When it comes to making money, more is prefered to less. Imagine you have a new goal to meet like going to graduate school or getting a new property. This new goal might require more money than you have now. Which is why it is important to start a side hustle.

With the advent of outsourcing services by businesses and individuals, it is easier to find gigs than ever. The side hustle or gig economy is booming. The best part is that you don’t have to quit your job to do it. You get the chance to generate more income from a new stream to add to your current income. Although side hustle is the new black, there are a couple of things to take note of before you start.

Opportunity Cost

Every additional item introduced to your to-do list means forgoing other things. What are you willing to sacrifice to grow your side hustle? The whole idea is to find ways of making money with the extra hours available to you outside your 9-5 job. Mind you, you have to kill it from both angles. Be great at your day job and your side hustle.

Time Management

After accepting the level of sacrifice you have to make and embracing your new commitment, you need to manage your time well. Combining a 9-5 and a side gig will put your priorities in focus. You will not have the luxury of time. Hence, you will have to cut down on time wasters. You need to have a dose of discipline to do this effectively. Manage your time well. Work at what is really important to you. You might want to start by cutting down on the time spent on entertainment like TV, social media, movies etc.

Leverage On Technology

Technology has made life is a lot easier than before. The internet affords us to reach people we wouldn’t ordinarily have afforded to get to. Use it for your benefit. Whichever field or industry you decide to stay in, leverage on the technology available. There’s no need to reinvent the wheel. With the right tools, you can plan your life and work well.

Take Breaks

Don’t take pride in being tired. Learn to rest well. You can do better once you manage your time well.

Pricing and Fees

When you’re new to the game, you may not get how to charge clients right. You may have to beat down your fees to attract more customers. This doesn’t work all the time. Regardless, as time goes on, don’t hesitate to charge market rates. Test this by increasing your prices gradually.

Work Hard

Nothing beats hard work. Once you start, put in the work required. Grow, get better, become unstoppable. Learn a new skill if you have to. By all means get yourself moving and pushing constantly. Sell yourself. Tell people about your new venture. Don’t be shy. When you finally get a gig, deliver as promised.


In summary, you can finance your goals if you are willing to make the effort. Like the Swedish Proverb says, “Many small streams will form a big river.” Join the side hustle movement.

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