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Why You Need To Keep A Journal

“Keeping a personal journal a daily in-depth analysis and evaluation of your experiences is a high-leverage activity that increases self-awareness and enhances all the endowments and the synergy among them.” — Stephen R. Covey   We experience each day in a different light. As we go through our routines, we learn new lessons and think new thoughts daily. This is why you sho[...]


On Being Silent Keeping Quiet

As part of growth, you need to know when to talk and when to keep mute. Unlike introverts, extroverts need to master the art of overlooking issues, holding themselves from retorting and simply keeping quiet.   You don’t always have to share your opinion on a topic or voice out your thoughts. I am not implying that you should fail to stand up for what you believe and be a push[...]


Ask For Help Receiving The Help You Need

  Hitherto, I struggled with asking for help from others. I feared I would come across as a burden. I was scared of rejection. Moreso, I thought I could refuse help and fix everything by myself with time. Fortunately, I realised that our lives are intertwined and we would always need the contribution of one another. I began to understand why I needed more help than I thought and ho[...]


Stop Being Toxic

Sometimes you are the toxic person people should eject from their lives. Sometimes you are the one exhibiting all the negative attitudes and vibes in a relationship. Sometimes you are the hypocrite. Sometimes you need to look inward and find those attitudes which do not serve yourself and relationships and let them go. You are toxic when you're causing all the trouble and dr[...]


On Commitment: Doing It The Right Way Mastering The Art Of Commitment

Committing to either a one-time event like a birthday party or a lifetime event like a marriage can affect your mental state and make you better off or worse off. In both scenarios, the decision to commit is a big deal because there's always a trade-off to every decision you make. Hence, the need to commit rightly. Don’t over commit Sometimes the difference between a once in a lifetim[...]