Be Present: Maximising The Gift of Today While Having The Bigger Picture In Mind

The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step. - Lao Tzu I don't think people who die wake up knowing today's going to be their last day. Yet, we live as if death will send us a notice before visiting. We tend to forget about our mortality. Do you dream of an amazing life? Then be intentional about how you spend today. Whatever you do today influences how your life will turn out[...]


Dealing With The Thieves In Your Life The Habits Which Hinder Growth

  Life is usually compared to a peak and trough using various scenarios. Each of us can testify of a time in our lives we felt we were drowning and can also recall a time where we were elated. The average person has a fair mix of good and bad experiences. Just like most people, I am still getting used to this whole adult life. Half of the time I wish I could get all the benefits[...]