How To Have A Thorough Introspection Reflecting On Life In Totality

  “How are you?” is probably the most asked question in the world. For friends and acquaintances, “how are you?” seems like the next perfect thing to say after exchanging greetings. Our answers are usually vague, casual and cliche, “I am fine”. Rarely, do we give more details to our lives beyond the trite answer. But instead of having someone else ask, block out time[...]


A Letter to Someone Feeling Stuck In Life

Hi friend, A few weeks ago I was hopeless, depressed and frustrated. I felt my life wasn't moving in the direction I wanted it to. I had a lot of issues to deal with all at once. It seemed as if all opportunities were passing me by. Oh, and did I mention I was broke? Anyway, let me state this disclaimer before we proceed, this is not a pity party. Outside, I was still my bubbly littl[...]