Being Friends With God

Last year, I had the opportunity to work towards building a friendship I am totally grateful for now. Although at the time we spent most of our weekends together because we had the same weekend commitments, I knew I wanted to take it a step further. Currently, we talk every day and are very much involved in each other's lives. We have built our friendship over the months and we are clos[...]


Read Your Bible Knowing The Person Of Christ

The only day I had no school was on Saturdays. I had to do regular compulsory basic education on weekdays and attend Sunday School on Sunday mornings without fail.   During my Sunday school days, teachers shared stories from the Bible and either admonished or refrained us from acting like the characters we studied based on their nature. The best part was after classes. We ate crackers a[...]


On Spiritual Growth Becoming More Like Christ

He must increase, but I must decrease. - John 3:30   The goal of every Christian is to become like Christ. This mission is a lifelong journey. The point of attainment isn’t here on earth. Nevertheless, we need to daily tweak little parts of our lives with His help, to look more like Him.   Spiritual growth is keeping in step with God, bearing more fruits of His Spirit[...]