Sometimes you are the toxic person people should eject from their lives.

Sometimes you are the one exhibiting all the negative attitudes and vibes in a relationship.

Sometimes you are the hypocrite.

Sometimes you need to look inward and find those attitudes which do not serve yourself and relationships and let them go.

You are toxic when you’re causing all the trouble and drama to other people.

You are toxic when you are constantly hurting the people you claim to love.

How to stop being toxic

Admit You Are The Problem

Stop shifting blames. Own up to your mess. Accept the harm you’ve done purposefully or unknowingly to the next person. Accept that it’s not the other person’s fault all the time.

Resolve Conflicts

Assess how you contributed to the conflict. Resolve to be a peacemaker, apologize and ask for forgiveness. Most importantly, learn from your mistake and show a change in behaviour. Saying sorry is not enough.

Take A Step Back

Set new values. Find the root cause of your toxicity. Could it be caused by emotional instability? Are you suffering any mental illness or you’re just being troublesome? Take a step back to access this and actually make the effort to change. When the people you’ve hurt see the effort you’re making to change, they may come around.

As you work on yourself to become less toxic, allow the people you’ve hurt to heal at their own pace. Don’t force back relationships which died because you’re on a new path to becoming less toxic. Allow people to choose what to do with the new you. Also, do your best to keep the people who matter to you in life. Be a good influence.


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