Read Your Bible

Knowing The Person Of Christ


The only day I had no school was on Saturdays. I had to do regular compulsory basic education on weekdays and attend Sunday School on Sunday mornings without fail.
During my Sunday school days, teachers shared stories from the Bible and either admonished or refrained us from acting like the characters we studied based on their nature. The best part was after classes. We ate crackers and drank juice. I always looked forward to that until I was old enough to understand it was a bait to keep us coming.
But I remember I doubted a lot of the things my teachers taught me. It didn’t sit well with me and often, it seemed contradictory.
For instance, the story of Jacob and Esau, how will Jacob still be favoured after being such a wicked brother. I mean, the teachers always taught us kindness and mentioned severally how it pleased God when we showed kindness. Why didn’t he just give Esau some of his food without asking for his birthright?

My Sunday school wasn’t exactly bad. I just had a couple of things to unlearn in other to embrace God better as I began to grow. Also, I had to know God for myself by searching the scriptures. I had to go beyond the bible stories taught during Sunday school to understand the person of God.

Now I know the Bible isn’t just a book of stories. I know the Word of God is life. It nourishes. It gives wisdom and discernment. It is applicable to every area of life. It keeps humans sane.

I have learnt that God doesn’t get offended when we ask questions. In fact, he calls us to come and have conversations with Him. I ask God lots and lots of questions.  It’s amazing to know that I get answers to my questions. Sometimes immediately, other times later on. But I ask and I look out for answers.

There’s so much I am unlearning now from how Christ was introduced to me. Right from prayer to forgiveness. It’s quite a thrilling journey and I love every bit of it.

Having doubts about your faith? Thinking of letting go of the faith altogether? Spend more time with God in His word and ask Him questions. He will answer you in ways you’ve never imagined. Read your bible often.

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