Pouring Into Others

Growing through generousity


We’re all just walking each other home. – Ram Dass.

Generosity should be a way of life. In little or huge ways, we can show love and compassion towards each other and be good to each other. Right now, there are people whose lives you can contribute to. I am not necessarily asking you to mentor someone, I am only asking you to be a decent person and give off your possessions and resources to other people who may need it.

Showing little acts of kindness isn’t as difficult as we make it seem.  Sometimes we want to grow to a benchmark set by us before we put ourselves out there and actively help others. We want to get huge sums of money before we give to others.

Interestingly, generosity like most virtues must be cultivated. Volunteering, giving and sharing knowledge should be learnt, starting from your circle of friends and acquaintances.

Take Care Of You

You are your first priority. You can’t pour love from a love-starved heart. You can give money from an empty bank account. Take care of yourself first. Spend time paying attention to your basic needs.  When you take care of yourself well, you will be able to do the same for others. 

What You Can Give

In a gentle way, you can shake the world. – Mahatma Gandhi

  • Time

Time is life. Sharing our lives with people gives us a sense of meaning. Deep down we all want to nurture people and inspire them. Share your time with people and see how much you will affect them positively.

  • Knowledge

You don’t know it all but be willing to teach what you know. Imposter syndrome may hit you whenever you want to teach others and remind you of how inexperienced you are or make you feel like a fraud. Share your knowledge anyway. Even if they already know the information you provide, it will serve as a reminder. 

  • Money

Every dime can make a difference. I have seen lives change because of a few dollars invested in people. Learn to give financially even if you think the amount is too low.

  • Influence

We are all influential in the lives of the people who care about us. Can you vouch for someone? How can you use your influence to help others?

Have The Right Motives

When pouring out love and resources unto others, check your motives. Don’t expect anything from the people you help. Save yourself disappointments from mere mortals. Give because you want to without any expectation of reciprocation in future. Let the growth you experience through giving fuel you to do more.


There’s always someone you can help. Instead of waiting to do big things, you can do small things now in amazing ways. At all times, there are lives to be touched. Who are you pouring your resources into in your circle?

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