On Self-Sabotage: Eliminating The Enemy Within

You Are Worthy


A story is told of a lady who had lived in abject poverty for a long time. She had become so accustomed to her financial state that after she got a well-paying job, she couldn’t believe she deserved her wage, hence couldn’t spend the money. Although she had prayed for a breakthrough, she didn’t think she deserved that much when her prayers were answered. She stayed in doubt and secretly waited for the day she would go back to earning less. Eventually, she lost her job.


After you have experienced a number of negative incidents, you may begin to think of them as a trend in your life. After a number of breakups, you may begin to think you will never find love. After failing in a particular venture a couple of times, you may think you will never be able to pull it off. 

With these thoughts, you get into a denial mode and subsequently, sabotage yourself when the opportunity arises again. When good things come to you again, you subconsciously begin to suspect and expect failure. You find someone who totally adores you and you can’t receive the love because it’s too good to be true. You find a great job and you’re sitting on tenterhooks waiting for all hell to break loose.

When you expect things to fail, they fail. Whatever expectation you have about a person or thing, will affect your behaviour towards the person or thing and cause the expectation to come true. This is called Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. You don’t have to be your own enemy. Life is challenging enough. Root for yourself.

You’re enough. You’re worthy of love and affection. You deserve financial independence. You deserve a good support system. You deserve a loving spouse. You deserve a beautiful relationship with God. You deserve a happy life. You deserve peace and joy. You deserve all these and more.

Re-orient your beliefs. You’re not cursed. Talk to God if you think that’s the case. Dismiss the thoughts of failure from your mind and open your heart to receive good things. You deserve it.


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