On Commitment: Doing It The Right Way

Mastering The Art Of Commitment


Committing to either a one-time event like a birthday party or a lifetime event like a marriage can affect your mental state and make you better off or worse off. In both scenarios, the decision to commit is a big deal because there’s always a trade-off to every decision you make. Hence, the need to commit rightly.

Don’t over commit

Sometimes the difference between a once in a lifetime opportunity and a distraction is blurry. You are not omnipresent. Your time is limited. Discern what’s right for you, move in that direction and say no to all others.

Do not try too hard to please people by accepting every invitation you receive and commit to more than you can handle. You will only disappoint them and yourself. Don’t say you’re going to think about a proposal when you really want to turn it down. You owe yourself all the happiness in the world. Effectively commit to a few things.

Go Deeper, Not Wider

Sometimes instead of committing to new things, you have to recommit to what’s already yours. Aim to reach deeper levels. Aim to be a pro. Raise your standard and work your way to meet it. Deeper, not wider.

Appreciate The Struggles

Challenges make life worth living. Overcoming obstacles open up an unfamiliar part of you and give you the courage to face life head-on. With every commitment comes struggle – the struggle of time, the struggle of uncertainty and the struggle of quitting. Appreciate the struggles and find solutions to them if you can. You will not build a significant life if you easily throw in the towel when troubles come.

Be Focused

Stick to the commitment you’ve made. Put in the time and effort required. Go all out. Once you begin to focus on it, your brain will channel all its energy into it. If you want to see a tangible amount of success with anything, you need to commit to it and focus unwaveringly.

Know When to Quit

This is a tricky one, especially when we’ve been taught quitting is some sort of defeat. Have enough wisdom to know when to quit and when to hold on. Don’t just quit because you feel like quitting. Know when a commitment doesn’t serve you any longer and gracefully bow out.


Be Ready To Have Difficult Conversations

We shy away from having difficult conversations usually because of the emotions involved or the weight of the conversation. Unfortunately, if you have to keep being committed to a person, project or thing, you need to learn how to have difficult conversations. You will have confrontations with people you care about because of your commitments. Find the boldness to have them peacefully.


When you are commited to something you follow through irrespective of your feelings. Let your reason for commiting be meaningful enough to keep you going.


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