How To Learn A New Skill

Going Deeper Or Learning Something New


Feed your curiosity. There’s always room for learning something new or unlocking other levels of a skill you already possess. Once the brain is stretched through learning it remodels itself and its neurons develop a greater connectivity. This makes the brain work faster and more efficient.

If you’ve ever wanted to learn a skill but got discouraged to even venture because of any reason, this article will show you how you can pick it up again.


Understand Your Why

In Simon Sinek’s book, Start With Why he demonstrates how the brain works in what he calls the Golden Circle. The Golden Circle has three sections – Why, How and What. To summarize it, ‘Why is ‘the purpose’, ‘How’ is ‘the plan’ and ‘What’ is ‘the proof’. In the case of learning a new skill, ‘Why’ should be the reason you want to learn the skill, the ‘How’ should be the action plan and the ‘What’ should be the action you actually perform to accomplish the purpose stated.

The Golden Circle

Once you come up with a reason which is compelling enough, you will find a way to push through despite the odds and stay longer in the game. Watch Simon Sinek’s Ted Talk here.


Count the cost

Understand the level of commitment and sacrifice necessary to become proficient in a skill. Estimate how long you will need to be proficient and analyse if you’re up for it.


Create Tasks To Master Daily

“Inch by inch, life’s a cinch. Yard by yard, life’s hard.” – John Bytheway

Where you are currently and the level of mastery you want to achieve is quite a distance. Don’t let the distance scare you. Break down the skill into smaller tasks and focus each day on the task at hand.


Recreate Your Calendar

Block out time to work on the skill. You will have valid excuses to skip days of practice. Show up every day notwithstanding. Make it easy for yourself. Wake up early or stay up late if you have to, just make it happen. Start with 30 minutes a day and grow from there. Most importantly, be consistent. Consider getting an accountability partner to update on daily progress.


Find A Variety Of Tools

Get videos, books, podcasts etc on the skill you want to learn. Having a variety of them helps you figure out which one you like the most and also find many examples explaining the same topic. People create so much content on the internet. Look for them. The tools you need to learn are available.

Learn By Doing

A writer writes. A programmer codes. A photographer takes pictures. A carpenter makes furniture. Until you put what you’re learning in practice you’re not doing it right.

Watch all the tutorials, read all the books, attend all the masterclasses but please get to work. Watching your mentors and teachers can teach you the tricks but you need to practice them to make them stick and to make them come alive.


At all times, you should either be learning a whole new skill or working on improving an existing skill. You will be surprised by how much your brain will stretch in a short while and how your thought patterns will change.  


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