Here are 7 principles you need to know before starting a business.

Owning a business or being self-employed is not entirely easy. If it were, everyone would have one. Several people dream of starting businesses.

And just like Lupita Nyong’o says it, “your dreams are valid”.

It is important to note that bringing your dream of owning the best makeup studio or fashion house in Africa, into fruition comes with some principles. Let’s discuss 7 of them.

1.Do what you love

It is important to pursue a business you love. When you love what you do, you are enthusiastic about it and it shows. Every business is likely to experience challenges. One of the crucial things to help maintain balance during such times is passion. It will influence your motivation, confidence, and energy. You should care about your business enough to stay up late at night and think about how to make it better. When you love your job, doing it would not feel like a chore.

2. Sell your brand

Be ready to talk to a lot of people about your business. Sell the value of your business to them and make them believers of what you stand for. You have to tell people about what you do and in so doing, find creative ways to go about that. People do not rush to buy from a brand unless they know about it. So, make some noise about your brand and grow a loyal following.

3. Grow and Innovate Constantly

Whether you enjoy change or not, it is inevitable. Presently, the world keeps changing so fast that it takes serious minded people to catch up. Read, learn and talk to people in your field. Do not be afraid to come up with new ideas, rather go with it and be unique. Be up-to-date with all the trends in your industry. Embrace the changes in your line of business and be constantly on the look out to get better.

4. Hard work breaks no bones

Starting a business means working hard enough to be successful. Work as if your life depended on it. Every business requires hard work to succeed. Give yourself wholly to what you do and be ready to make huge sacrifices for the profit of your business. A successful business has no place for lazy people.

5. Be Extremely Patient

Patience is a virtue. Things you usually hope for before you start a business may not be what you get when you start operating. Sometimes, this can create tension and pressure. But you have to be patient. Be patient with your customers, your business partners , employees and even yourself.

6. Believe In Yourself

You need to believe in yourself at all times. Believe that anything you can conceive, you can achieve. Believe you are without limits and work with that understanding. Believe in the impossible. When you believe in yourself, you are more aware of your potential and it becomes easy to give your best. Trust you can be as successful as you desire. Believe in yourself because nobody else would if you first don’t.

7. Pursue Excellence

Work with globally accepted standards. Do not let your physical location dictate your standard of work. Let your business be the best thing you ever did and keep outdoing yourself. Set your standards so high that you strive to achieve them. Excellence belongs to those who are fed up with being mediocre. Have a great work ethic, treat your customers well and give your staff the best work environment to work effectively. Regardless of your line of business make sure you stand out.

Take that bold step today? Go ahead to start a business. Believe you will succeed and work towards it. After all, you can do great things.

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  • dora lomo
    October 18, 2017

    Very insightful article

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