Dealing With The Thieves In Your Life

The Habits Which Hinder Growth



Life is usually compared to a peak and trough using various scenarios. Each of us can testify of a time in our lives we felt we were drowning and can also recall a time where we were elated. The average person has a fair mix of good and bad experiences.

Just like most people, I am still getting used to this whole adult life. Half of the time I wish I could get all the benefits I had as a kid with the freedom I experience as an adult. I wish I could avoid the responsibilities I face and reduce my duties to schooling, eating and being obedient to my parents just like it was required of me as a child.

Despite all these wishes, I can list all the goodness the adult life brings. Most important of all, I get to call the shots in my life and create the kind of life I want. What’s more fulfilling than this? Unfortunately, we are prone to indulging in habits which prevents us from enjoying our adult life and growing in the way we should.


A number of times, we look over our shoulders to the next person and wish we had their lives. Before you compare yourself with anyone, remind yourself of your uniqueness, your journey and growth. You are where you’re supposed to be, doing what you’re supposed to be doing. Every single occurrence in your life counts.

News flash, we all do not know what we’re doing and are walking with lots of uncertainties. It’s a walk of faith. Isn’t that what life is about? Why then would you compare yourself with anyone who’s seemingly successful or privileged? Let it inspire you instead.

Focus on yourself, stay in your lane and manifest your power. We all have different timelines in life. Trust your timing.


Saying “Thank you” is not out of vogue. Showing gratitude helps you recognise the things which are working in your life and gives you a reason to smile.

Ingratitude takes away the beauty of life right before your eyes. You do not recognise how much it steals from you until you become a habitual complainer, whining about every little thing and being unhappy. Even in your lowest, there will still be something to be grateful for. It’s not that bad if you look closely. Don’t be an ingrate.

Waiting for the future

Humans are progressive people. We want more and our desires are insatiable. This is a great trait of humans. It doesn’t make us stay the same, makes us evolve and makes us aspire to be better. On the flip side, this trait can steal from us.

We’re are constantly waiting for the next breakthrough before we take action. Waiting to get married to be happy. Waiting to earn an amount to save. Waiting for our ’perfect’ moments to live our dreams. Why not make those changes now? Take that leap of faith. You will have several valid reasons for not doing something that should be the more reason why you should do it today. Today is here.

Holding on to the past

People who hold on to the past come in two forms; those holding on to the supposedly good old days and those holding on to the pain and hurt from the past. Whichever category you fall in, let go of the past. You don’t live there. You can’t change it.

Basking in the glory from the past can lead to complacency which will kill your performance. Clinging onto the pain from the past can make you bitter and resolve to live a life void of pain, which is just like living a life void of joy. Let it go.

Yesterday is gone. The victories and the pains are in the past. Draw lessons from them and move on. If you won yesterday, be a defending champion today. If you lost, go ahead to win today. Do better today. Allow yourself to heal. Yesterday is gone.


Embrace every day as if it’s your last. Cherish the moments. Spot the little things which steal the spark from your day. What are you letting go off today? Which new habits would you try to incorporate? You’re the master of your ship. Take charge.

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