Ask For Help

Receiving The Help You Need



Hitherto, I struggled with asking for help from others. I feared I would come across as a burden. I was scared of rejection. Moreso, I thought I could refuse help and fix everything by myself with time. Fortunately, I realised that our lives are intertwined and we would always need the contribution of one another. I began to understand why I needed more help than I thought and how I could ask for help despite my fears. 

Giving help is as important as receiving help. Here’s how you should go about asking for help.

Be Specific About The Help You Need

State specifically how the next person can contribute. Don’t expect people to read between the lines. Don’t assume anything. We are all consumed with our own lives. People don’t know what you need until you ask them. Be straightforward.

Know That People Want To Help You

People are usually kinder than we expect them to be. We all have examples of how generous others have been to us on different occasions. Most people want to repay the kindness. Ask, please. You might be overwhelmed with the help you will get.

Do Not Take Rejection Personally

In fact, don’t take anything personally. When people do not want to help you, it’s not because you’ve done anything wrong. It’s about their personal judgement or maybe their just busy. Learn to take no in good fate. Move on to ask the next person till you get the response you desire. 

No One Owes You Anything

People can choose to accept to help you or not. It’s a choice they have to make for themselves. Don’t feel entitled to anything. Even if you’ve been kind to them in the past, they are not obliged to return the favour. Bear this in mind when you ask for help.

Asking for help is a very vulnerable state to be in. Put your ego, pride and fears aside and ask either way. You stand to gain more than lose. After all, you would be willing to help the other person if the tables were turned. Go ahead and ask. May the odds be in your favour.

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