Apps I Consistently Use To Make Life Easier

Tools for work, learning and life.


I spend a huge chunk of my waking hours working online from my laptop or phone. Hence, I am constantly on the lookout for apps to ease my schedule and help save time. I have curated 12 of my go-to apps. Most of these apps have a web and mobile version which gives me the flexibility to use them either on my phone or laptop.



This is my all-time favourite app. You know that feeling of stumbling on a cool blog post and wanting to read it later? Or reading a blog post you want to read over and over again till you assimilate everything? Pocket was made for that. Most people say it is a procrastination tool but personally, it is one of the best apps on my phone. It’s my companion when commuting or in transit. Save articles, videos and images on Pocket. You can also follow others and see the posts they recommend.



I always make to-do lists. Trello just made it a lot more fun and easy for me. With Trello, I can create my to-do list, collaborate with other people and assign tasks on mobile or web. Trello has a simple and beautiful user interface as well.



Evernote is a note-taking app. I like to make notes about any and everything. Evernote gives me the chance to make notes, add photos, links, collaborate with others and share. Usually, I create a notebook for each topic, say Blog Content and add files over time.  For your random musings, note taking during conferences and meetings, I recommend Evernote. Plus it syncs to the cloud so you never lose anything.


She Reads Truth Bible App

The She Reads Truth app is a bible app created for the modern day woman. It provides a number of versions of the bible to choose from, particularly crafted study plans with devotional, wallpapers with scripture available for downloads,  a comment section where you can share thoughts and learn from others in real time, amongst others. The She Reads Truth bible app has a thriving community of women who are actively seeking God and ever ready to delve into the bible with you.



Medium is the hub of great content. I have met amazing writers on this platform and consumed great content as well. Selecting from many topics, Medium gives you a chance to read the best content from wonderful writers all in one place. In addition, Medium gives you a platform to create content and share it with their growing audience. It’s the place where all the cool, smart kids are.



Blinkist shares summaries from non-fiction books ranging on various topics. There is the audio read too. When I am sceptical about reading a particular book, I first read the ‘blinks’ on Blinklist before I make my decision. It is a good way to learn something new and to at least skim through a book daily. You can finish reading a summary of a book within 15 mins on Blinkist.



Grammarly is a proofreading tool. It checks your grammar, spelling, punctuation amongst others and suggests improvements and corrections. When writing an email or tweet, Grammarly points out errors and proposes corrections. Install the Chrome extension, download the desktop app or simply use the web app. Unfortunately, it is not supported on mobile at the time of writing this article.



Bliss is a gratitude journal. Gratitude opens us up for more. Every day, I get to think of something I am thankful for and record it on Bliss. I  have realized that even on bad days, I still find a lot to be grateful for. The gratitude exercise will remind you of how blessed you are. Psychologists say gratitude improves health, sleep and self-esteem. Try it.



Canva is a graphic design tool made for both non-designers and professional designers. It has a drag-and-drop feature and a number of templates which makes it easy to use whether you have a knack for design or not. Canva comes to your rescue when you need to design posters, social media posts, business cards, book covers etc and you cannot afford a professional graphic designer. It is easy to use.



With HootSuite, you can schedule social media posts now to be published later. Once scheduled, HootSuite posts on   Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn automatically. Since Instagram doesn’t allow Hootsuite to post directly on your behalf, there is a need to get the mobile app in addition to the web version. Hootsuite sends a notification to post on Instagram and copies your caption. You will have to manually paste it.  Also, check Buffer.



I had to add YouTube to this list. Personally, I love YouTube and the variety and quality of content it has.  The thing that makes Youtube great for me is the quality of content, amount of content and the topics the content cover. It is a perfect blend of all things – from code tutorials, makeup videos, music videos, sermons, TED talks to self-help videos. Just name it. You can find anything you want to learn on Youtube. Sometimes I am redirected to the content provider’s URL at the end of the day but it is always the starting point. If you are a visual learner like myself,  head over to Youtube to learn that thing you’ve always wanted to.



Unsplash gives you a collection of high-quality stock photos, categorized under different themes for free. Find photos for anything you need there. Also, check out Pexels and Stocksnap.


I believe the founders of these apps had people like me in mind while building them. These apps help me a great deal and remain relevant. Let me know if there are other apps you want me to check out.