A Letter To The Women of My Generation

Dear Woman,

It is time you accepted the blessings of womanhood and functioned in its knowledge. I know staying on top of things, eating well, building a career, going to school, drinking lots of water, reading good books and looking beautiful all at the same can be overwhelming.

You wear several hats in life – daughter, student, entrepreneur, mother, girlfriend, sister, career woman, choir girl etc. Hence, several responsibilities to carry out.

Yet society doesn’t fail to constantly remind you of who you’re supposed to be as a woman. According to society, you have to be submissive (to men in general), less opinionated, obedient and have no voice. You don’t have to be overly ambitious. It will scare men away they say.

The generation of women before us has fought a good fight to change some of this status quo. We have to take it up a notch. Which is why I want you on board. If we carry ourselves with grace and stand as a unit, the society will treat us in like manner.

My desire is to see you embrace yourself first, then embrace other women. It is important for you to get to know and accept yourself. It will eliminate the tendency to get envious of other women and amplify your desire to cheer and empower them without fear. You will stay in your lane, compete with yourself and shine. Other women’s success will only inspire and spur you on.

I am happy you inherited some good genes from your parents. You’re beautiful. Can you add to your beauty some knowledge and wisdom? You don’t have to choose between having a beautiful body and beautiful soul. You can get both. A powerful mind is a great weapon. Add value to yourself. Value-added products are high-priced.

Woman I need you fight for the life you deserve. If you want something, go get it. It may not be immediate but eventually, you will get it if you don’t give up. You don’t need permission to be great. Success knows no gender.  You don’t need anyone to validate you. Don’t lower your ambitions to get a husband. That’s not how it works. Your purpose is bigger than marriage. Keep that in mind.

How about making a quick Google search about the life you’ve always wanted to lead or the business you want to start or even starting a blog? How about reaching out to that woman you look up to for some counsel? How about paying someone a compliment the next time they do something cool instead of calling your friend to gossip? How about checking up on that woman you think is cocky who might just be feeling swamped in life? How about you make a little change in your actions towards your fellow women today?

Finally, If you want to use what you have to get what you want, be gracious about it.

All my love,


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  • Doris
    December 6, 2017

    thank you Dzifa

    • Dzifa
      December 7, 2017


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