A Letter To The People I Met in 2017

365 days is a lot of time to measure progress and impact. This is my final letter of the #31LettersInDecember series. This letter is a shout-out to everyone who contributed to making 2017 a good year for me.

Technically, some of the people I am about to write about were always there but got closer in 2017. I met people in different stages of life, with different beliefs and values. Love was the strongest factor.

Here goes my shout-out!

To the people who took it upon themselves to make my business theirs and fight for me, thank you.

To the people who decided to stick around after they realised how much of a mess I am, thank you for loving me.

To the people who checked on me once in a while to see if I was fine, it helped me a great deal.

To the people who run through projects with me from start to finish, everyone needs people like you in their lives.

To the people I could just call and cry to, vulnerability makes sense with you around.

To the people who made sure I revised the plan I had for my life into a better one, God bless you.

To the people who made so many sacrifices for me, may I never forget you.

To the one person who supported me unwavering, how was I living without you?

To the people who helped me deal with situations subjectively without judging, you are the real MVP.

To the people who helped me with work anytime I got stuck, I owe you.

To the people who believed in me, I won’t disappoint.

To the people who recommended me for projects, I am still in awe of your kindness.

To the person reading this post, I appreciate you.

This may seem trite but 2017 has been great. The reason being that the good and bad worked in my favour.

Happy New Year.


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  • domino
    December 31, 2017


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