A Letter To The Impostor Syndrome

You make me second-guess my decisions all the time.

According to you, I am unqualified for anything out of the ordinary.

You convince me to believe your lies and function accordingly.

Even when I manage to perform you make me feel like a fraud.

You tell me not to accept compliments from others and remind me of how unworthy I am.

That is your definition of modesty.

You tell me how they will find out how much of an impostor I am, stop associating with me and hate me.

I am never responsible for any good thing. The other person is.

You remind me of how little I know and make it look insignificant.

Sometimes I think you’re the devil.

You prefer me being good and small.

You want me to play safe.

I thought you will disappear with time but you are still here.

I have decided not to put my life on hold for you.

I have decided not to listen to you.

I have decided to ignore you.

I have decided to take a leap of faith in your presence.

I know you’re real.

But I have resolved to execute without your permission.

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