A Letter To Someone Who Wants To Give Up

You want to quit.

You keep wondering why you committed yourself in the first place.

You are tired.

You are drained.

You want to throw in the towel.

You shouldn’t.

Take a closer look at why you started.

Do you still have the reason at heart?

It’s not easy, I know.

The feeling keeps resurfacing.

The urge is stronger now.

But don’t quit.

Don’t quit.

Don’t quit because it is hard.

Don’t quit because you think you cannot do it.

Try again.

Try another method.

You got this.

You’ve come too far to give up.

Try for the tenth time.

Maybe for the last time.

Try till you have no strength left to do so.

Take a step each day.

You’re closer than you were when you started.

Baby steps will still get you there.

Don’t quit.

Please don’t.

Keep running.

Keep fighting.

Keep believing in yourself.

You can do this.

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  • Eliza
    December 14, 2017

    Yes!!! We can!! 💃 God can!

    • Dzifa
      December 15, 2017


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