A Letter To Someone Who Needs Help

We all need help at different times in life.

Sometimes we just can’t admit we need help.

When we do, we are scared to ask.

We don’t want to feel stupid.

We don’t want to bother other people.

We want to keep our public personas and look perfect in the eyes of others.

We want to impress and keep our reputation.

We cannot fathom the outcome of being vulnerable.

Our ego keeps us at bay.

Do you want a change?

Admit that you need help.

It is not so hard, believe me.

No matter how little or big it is.

Ask for help.

Whatever the result may be, you would have given it a shot.

If you really need it, ask for it.

You may get a ‘no’. Try again.

But what if you get a ‘yes’?

Make the call.

Ask for help.





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