A Letter To Someone Struggling To Finish A Task

I remember the excitement in your eyes when you started this project. The thought of it made you glow. You fleshed out the idea. You were in a haste to bring it to life. You wondered how it will turn out. You had a fresh zeal. You finally gathered all the courage in the world to start the project.

Halfway into executing your idea, the enthusiasm waned, excuses multiplied, time in each day seemed shorter and life happened.

You didn’t exactly quit the project. You abandoned it. You went AWOL. You went days without working on it, felt guilty at first but subsequently forgot about it. You haven’t decided to quit yet. Probably you will pick it again up. You’re left with little or no desire to continue.

What happened to you?

Did you sell yourself the bigger picture and couldn’t come to terms with how you will break it down into small chunks? Did it become tough? Did things not pan out as planned? Are you waiting to produce incredible work?

Stop procrastinating. The longer it stalls the less likely you will finish it. Conditions will never be perfect. Do what you have to do anyway.

Focus. There are many distractions I know. But you have a task to complete. If you pay attention to every distraction you will keep being stuck.

Break down the big plan into bite-size tasks. Work on it daily. Be consistent. Make little progress each day. Overtime, all the tiny daily progress will get you closer to completion. Never despise little improvements.

The learnings are planted in the journey. You don’t have to be excited to do your best. Just do your best each day regardless. When you finish a project, you will build trust in yourself and gain the audacity to start even bigger projects.

Pick up that project again. Let me know how you fare.



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  • Eliza
    December 15, 2017

    Exactly what I did today… Thank you Dzifa❤️

    • Dzifa
      December 16, 2017

      I am happy for you Eliza! Go you!

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