A Letter To Someone Feeling Lost

You need to make a decision about what to do after graduating from the university.

You are not confident about what to do.

You’re in a state of confusion and battling to settle on one thing to focus on. You have to make the right decision by all means.

You had a perfect plan for your life – go to the university, get a degree, get another degree, work in the corporation of your dreams and marry the love of your life.

It seemed so simple then. You thought everything will fall into place because you made SMART goals. Unfortunately, it didn’t and you’re confused about which direction to take.

Your parents are pressurizing you to get a job or go back to school out of love and concern. You don’t just want ‘a’ job, you want ‘the’ job.

You begin to compare yourself to other people and feel jealous of your friends who have seemingly made it in life.

You remember how it could have been you but it isn’t.

You feel there are a lot of options. You’re not willing to move until you’re sure of the direction.

Among the options available, you only know the ones you do not want, yet cannot decide on what you want.

What if the options are not as many as you think?

Write down all the options you have at the moment. You may find out they are not many.

Think some more about each of the options. Decide to pursue one by faith.

If you’re waiting for a strong conviction to move in a direction, you may wait for long.

Have faith in your decision. Have faith in the process. Have faith in the detours. Have faith in you. Faith is the key. Trust each day to bring you clarity.

Maybe, you want to identify your purpose and build a career with it in mind.

Some people easily discover their purpose. Others chance upon it after a long while.

You may not be in the first category of people. Keep being productive till you find it.

It is within your power to determine the next turn of your life, accept responsibility. Minimize risks as much as possible.

It is fine to make mistakes. You’re better off trying than not trying at all. Go all out.




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