A Letter To My Most Difficult Lecturer

All the excitement I had for my university education waned after I sat in your first class. I kept wondering if I was in the right place.

You walked in 5 minutes late, shared the course outline and began to brag about how you set the most difficult quizzes and exams. It was as though tests were a form of punishment.

You talked about how your course was the most difficult in the department and how we, your students, would struggle to pass your paper. You predicted a third of the class would fail your paper and went all lengths to ensure that.

I couldn’t miss any of your lectures because I couldn’t detect when the stars would not align in my favour and you would organize an impromptu quiz.

I studied so much for your paper yet barely passed. Was it self-fulfilling prophecy?

You could have been nicer to us.

You could have encouraged us instead of drumming fear into us each time.

You could have shown us the need for academic excellence and be interested in our welfare.

Or was it your version of tough love?

It did look like you delighted in our downfall though.

Nonetheless, I am super happy I got to meet you.

You put me on my toes and made sure I showed up each time it was required to put up my best, even if my best wasn’t enough.

You taught me how to work hard. I wish you had done that without fear and all the negative energy.

Unfortunately, I learnt rather late that life is bigger than your course.


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