A Letter To My Friend

So here’s the thing,
I don’t know how long we are going to be friends.
I don’t know how long we are going to be there for each other.
But this I know, you are my friend.
We are friends.
And no matter how long or short it lasts,
I want to be good to you.
I want to be a friend
In both deed and need,
In the good times and bad.
I want to be with you and not be afraid.
I want to open up to you.
I want to be fearless with you.
I want to miss you and tell you.
I want to be me around you.
I want to be a friend, your support system.
I want to say what I think and not feel judged.
Can I trust you enough to be vulnerable?
I want us to share learnings from our days.
I want us to share embarrassing moments and laugh at them.
I want us to be happy,
And honest,
And imperfect,
And flawed.
I want us to seek growth,
Cheer each other when the going gets tough,
Push each other when times are hard,
Trust we are meant to excel.
I want you to see our friendship in a deeper light.
More like a partnership.
Like a team of the selected best.
Like Jonathan and David.
Or Ruth and Naomi
Or Timothy and Paul
Like people who look out for each other
And beam with joy when we hit those targets.
Like a mother who isn’t afraid of saying things as they are to her daughter.
Can we have this?

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