A Letter To My Daughter


It is a blessing to be alive and young. To wake up daily with lots of expectations and dreams about the future, adulthood and all the joy it promises to bring.

You were crafted by a perfect Creator. One whose works are good and beneficial. One who creates with purpose and vision. He made you just like He is – strong, creative, assertive, humorous and bold. As you grow up, the world will tell you otherwise. Pay no heed to them.

The Creator designed you to dominate, meet needs and make the world better. He has plans for you – plans only He can reveal to you. Trust Him with your life.

I know you have dreams. Some as big as how you plan to impact the world and others as small as how you can’t wait to buy more sweets with your own money, without my permission. Both dreams are valid. In fact, all of your dreams are. Never stop dreaming.

I know how much you want to be autonomous. You can’t wait to be free from my orders, curfews and decisions. Make a mental note of this, freedom is expensive. It is not as rosy as adults portray it to be. Growing up is hard. Fending for yourself is hard. Soon you will be in full control over your life. You will have to make major and minor decisions regularly. You will call the shots. When those times come, remember to do you. Let your values, learnings and the manual of your Creator guide you.

Daughter, you did not have the option to choose your father, siblings or even me. However, you get the chance to choose your friends. First, be friendly and selfless. You will attract good friends if you’re one yourself. Choose people who are on a mission to grow, who will look out for you and fight for you. Do the same for them. Show massive love, accept them with their flaws and stick with them. Once they desire growth, they will become better.

You are here on earth just this one time. If you live well, one will definitely be enough. Understand that time is life. You exchange your life for any value you think it’s worth. Hence, living should be intentional, on your terms. Be mindful of how you spend your time. Good things take time. Invest your time in things that make you bigger and better. After all, death awaits us all.

Little one, there’s beauty in the unknown. You will not have all of your life figured out but it’s totally fine. Most people don’t. It’s okay to be confused. Learn to enjoy the phases of life – the past for its lessons and memories, the now because it’s with us and look to the future with hope.

Never feel entitled to life. No one owes you anything. Rather give love to everybody. You owe them that. Give yourself to a cause bigger than you, as your contribution to mankind. Be generous with your resources and gifts. Give without expectations of receiving.

Rise above your emotions. Emotions remind us of our humanity and frailty. But living life to the fullest means having the ability to rise above what you feel most times. You will not feel like doing the things which are good for you, you will crave unhealthy habits. You will want to sleep at odd times and do the wrong things at the right time. Define what is wrong and right for you. Develop enough discipline to do the necessities.

You will fall in love with a man. I can’t find appropriate words to describe this. When you eventually fall in love, you will know it. Love is not always pretty. Love is commitment. Love is hard work. Love is a decision to choose your man every day. Love is not necessarily #relationshipgoals on Instagram. Love can change you for better or worse. I wish you would fall in love with your Creator first.

Take care of yourself. This time I mean it. I will not always be there to remind you to eat on time, pray or read. When you become an adult you will have to do this effortlessly. Make yourself a priority. You have a body, soul and spirit. Pay attention to all three.

I need you to believe in your abilities. You’re limitless just like your Creator. You have the potential to learn anything. Don’t put yourself in a box. Don’t undermine yourself or your intelligence. Yes, you are not all-knowing but you can sure learn anything you put your mind to. Remain a student of life. Be humble enough to ask for help. Acknowledge those who help you along the way. Share what you learn with others. For it is in giving that we receive.

Above all else,  become a woman with a good heart.

My daughter, I am far from perfect. I make mistakes. I am aware of my shortcomings. But It doesn’t stop me from working on myself. Sometimes I hit my targets, other times I repeat mistakes. Think about this.

Your Mother,




  • Jessica
    December 1, 2017

    Loved it.

    • Dzifa
      December 15, 2017

      Thanks Jes.

  • Natasha
    December 3, 2017

    Thank you Ma 😊

    • Dzifa
      December 3, 2017

      You’re welcome, Tasha.

  • dora lomo
    December 4, 2017

    Awesome piece 😍

    • Dzifa
      dora lomo
      December 15, 2017

      Thank you.

  • Jeanette-Marina
    December 10, 2017

    Beautiful piece

    • Dzifa
      December 10, 2017

      Thank you.

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