A Letter To My Broken Self

You’re not overly emotional.

You’re not overreacting.

You’re expressing how you feel.

You may not be doing it entirely right. It’s okay.

You’re strong enough to endure this.

You always fight through circumstances.

This is no exception.

Remember when you thought you would die?

You didn’t.

Even when you thought the pain was too much to handle, you pushed to the end.

You survived.

You will be fine.

You have enough strength to go through today.

Rely on that. Live in the moment.

Don’t forget about the pain you feel.

Let it teach you.

Choose you.

Choose your sanity above all things.

Eventually your broken self will heal.

You will bloom again.

When you do, don’t indulge yourself with what broke you.

You deserve the best.




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  • Awura Abena
    December 29, 2017

    Oh yes! I deserve best

    • Dzifa
      Awura Abena
      December 31, 2017

      You do!

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