A Letter To God

Dear God,

I like you. I like your sense of humour. I like how you know me and call me by name.

I like that you know how this letter will end even before it started.

I wonder why you had to create me. I doubt you had to. You just decided to give me a chance. Thank you for this. Do you get offended when men do not acknowledge you?

How do you do it? How do you listen to the prayers of all of us on earth?

It is funny how you say my wisdom is folly to you. You know sometimes I try to sound ‘deep’. Do I act like a clown?

I know you’ve asked me to lean on your grace. Sometimes I forget to.

You have the keys to life. Can you share them with me?

I think you’re complex. Sometimes I feel as if we are all your puppets.

What do you want to do with me? I am available.

I want to be close to you so that I hear your whisper clearly.

Maybe I should allow you handle a lot more than I do and leave you to decide on which way I should go.

Fight my battles for me. Will you?

Thank you for loving me.


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