A Letter To An Entrepreneur

Dear Entrepreneur,

You developed the passion to solve a problem you identified. Eventually, you gave up your traditional 9-to-5 job to solve it. Well done! I admire your determination and passion. I admire your decision to fully pursue your dreams. The world needs more people like you.

How are you faring though? How’s business? How’s your family and social life? Are they suffering because of your decision?

I hope the glamorous pictures you post on social media are as real to you as you make us believe. I am attracted to all the hype you’ve managed to achieve. But you will admit to me, hype and social media following don’t necessarily translate into revenue or active users. In the midst of the noise, never forget the purpose of your business – to make money from meeting a need.  All other things are secondary. Focus more on building a lasting product or business.

Allow your friends to have their 9-to-5 jobs in peace.  Allow them to live their lives  If you want to encourage them to become entrepreneurs, do it without disdain. Everybody has dreams. Don’t fault people for living theirs. Remember you once had a 9-to-5. Even if you didn’t, you will have employees working to help you build your vision from 9-to-5.

I know you’re building your brand but tell more truths. Tell it as it is so when people who look up to you hit rock bottom, they can trust more in their journey, drawing lessons from truths you shared about yours. Can you be more open to talking about your real struggles? Can you share your unique experiences? Can you give us a peep into your trials? When you’ve finally succeeded can you still share the original story and not sugarcoat it?

I wholeheartedly support entrepreneurship. Let’s just do it right.

Thank you.


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