A Letter To A Young Adult

You’re light. Don’t be afraid to shine.

‘No’ is not fatal.

Devote time and effort to something of interest and watch it grow beautifully.

Inasmuch as you put in time and effort into something, understand that growth can be gradual and subtle. Don’t give up when you can’t see anything. A planted seed shows no sign of growth until it germinates.

Seek clarity of purpose. You will be more intentional about your life.

Get to know you. Accept who you are and work to become who you want to be.

You need a support system. You were created to interdepend on others. Have friends and family to fall on.

Don’t put yourself in a box.You’re limitless. Don’t look down on yourself.

Don’t live to¬†impress other people.

Challenge most of the things you learnt as a child. Be ready to unlearn and relearn where necessary.

Life is short. You’re not getting out here alive. Why play it safe? Why walk as if you’re walking on eggshells? Why act as if life has given you so many rules?

Love. Live. Question things.

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  • dora lomo
    December 10, 2017

    “Be ready to learn and unlearn where necessary” Dzifa good job done

    • Dzifa
      dora lomo
      December 15, 2017

      Thank you.

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