A Letter To A Writer

You qualify to be a writer because you write. You write your thoughts, learnings, research or imaginations. You spend time writing so others can read. I am glad you’re a writer.

There is beauty in creating a book, article etc. Words that hitherto had no correlation are beautifully woven together to make meaning. You are a creator.  Create to educate or entertain. Create to admonish and impact. Create because that is what you are meant to do. Focus on that.

I don’t know if writer’s block is real. You may not know what to write on sometimes but write anyways. Make time to write. Write about how you can’t decide on a topic. Write about writer’s block. Every experience with writer’s block is different. Write about each one.

Challenge yourself more. You’re capable. Put yourself out there some more. Allow people to criticize your work. Listen to all feedback. Take what you want from it.

Probably, your writing sucks. That shouldn’t deter you from writing. I learnt that experience is just years of making mistakes. So make all the mistakes now because you will get better. Sooner than you can imagine. You will get better with time. You will figure out your writing style. I don’t even know what that means properly. But if you keep showing up, you will notice a pattern. It may not be visible in the beginning but eventually, it will be.

Words are powerful. I know it sounds cliche but it is the truth. Let your words do more good than harm. You have the opportunity to reach people you may never meet with your work. Make good use of it.

Stretch yourself. Move out of your comfort zone and build discipline.

Fuel your mind by reading. Read books tailored to your work and every other thing. Read to learn, enrich your vocabulary and gain knowledge. You can never stop learning.

Draw inspiration from all that happens in your life – your routine, friends, family and strangers. Look for signs. Stop to take breaths. Observe things. Allow your mind to wander. Ask questions. While you’re at it, jot down notes. Don’t allow any of the inspiration to escape.

Dear Writer, keep writing.

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