A Letter To A Non-Reader

It is not late to build the habit of reading.

It is not late to read the books you’ve heard others talk about.

It is not late to start learning intentionally each day.

You can go beyond reading Facebook posts, Tweets and Instagram captions.

You can go beyond reading your class notes.

Here’s why you should be a reader.

You are not all-wise.

You need to get all the knowledge you can and then selectively apply it as and when needed.

You need to stretch your mental muscle so it doesn’t atrophy.

Read to feel all the shades of the world from your little corner.

Read to get into the minds of other people and experience their lives.

Read to educate and entertain yourself.

Read to stimulate your imaginations.

Read to improve your vocabulary and communicate better.

Read because you need hacks to get through life and others have found it.

Read to find answers to the questions you have asked or are scared of asking.

Read because your mind can take so much knowledge than you think.

Read to build analytical skills.

Be picky about what you read. I leave you to be the judge of that.

Read things that grow you. You are what you feed on.

Make time to read each day.

Start with a chapter or even a page.

Be consistent.

The goal is to build the habit of reading over time.

You will enjoy it.

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