A Letter To A Christian

Dear Christian,

I am particularly elated about this letter. I am a Christian just like you are. This makes us family. Can I change my salutation from ‘Dear Christian’ to ‘Hi Fam!’?

A quick recap of what happened the moment you accepted Christ as your Lord and Saviour. Heaven rejoiced. A party was held in honour of you. Literally! The angels, God and Christ, I believe did a special dance and shout for you. You got all of the heavens rooting for you since then. That was just the beginning.

They rejoiced because your status changed. You moved from darkness into light. You came under a new governance, Christ’s governance. This governance is filled with grace and mercy perfected with unconditional love.

He gave you new rights, privileges and responsibilities. Let’s touch on a few.

On the matter of love, you know what God expects from you. “Love the Lord your God with all your heart with all your soul and all your might. Love your neighbour as yourself.” He only expects this because He gave Christ to die for mankind. He paid for all your sins and forgave you before you committed any of them. With this knowledge, you would agree He is not asking for too much.  Can you understand this gesture enough to love Him and people in the same manner? Unconditionally?

You are a front for God. You’re His current representation on earth. God made you the light of the world and the salt of the earth. That is why the world expects to see a difference in your life. Don’t disappoint God. Be convinced of His truth and allow Him to shine through you. Be friends with Him otherwise, people will wonder if you’re really of Him. You don’t want to keep them wondering for too long.

In the same vein, e­very achievement, praise or compliment belongs to Him.He does great things with ordinary men. He empowers you, causes people to favour you and help you. God is a cool dude.

Can we not forsake the gathering of the saints? The excuses are enough. It is the Lord’s command that we spend time with other Christians to fellowship with Him. Focus on Christ when you go. Overlook the actions of other saints. Remember we are all trusting God to work on our character.

About judging people, do you remember the woman who was caught in adultery and brought to Christ? Show mercy and empathize. Don’t condone wrongdoings but don’t judge people. It is not your call. Sow seeds of love, God’s word, prayer, support and allow the Holy Spirit to draw them unto Himself.

The supernatural is not strange. Look for God in your mundane routines. Do not confine Him speaking to you only when you have your quiet time. Be conscious of God’s constant presence. Seek His help. Go through the day knowing He is with you.

Bad things might happen to you. It doesn’t mean God doesn’t love you. It is for you to build muscles of strength, patience, love and any other virtue God wants you to have. Do you know the beautiful thing? All things will work for your good.

These things are only achievable by the grace of God. Be totally dependent on God. I am excited you are still standing firm in the faith. May God keep you until the end.

Your Sister-In-Christ,




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  • Richard Nartey
    December 4, 2017

    Great letter Dzifa…..

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