A Letter To 2018

Dear 2018,

I still believe in making new year’s resolutions, monthly resolutions, weekly resolutions and daily resolutions.

So I am going to desire, plan, visualize and work towards my dreams.

I will live each day intentionally, test new waters and make room for wonderful things.

I got a 31-Day head start in December 2017. I am loving every bit of it.

I look forward to all the doors you will open.

I await the harvest from the seeds sown in previous years. I can’t wait to sow new seeds too.

Hopefully, I will suck less at the things I enjoy doing.

Surprise me. Pleasant ones only though.

I am fully expectant of all the benefits each day is loaded with.

I am ready to be blown away.

I am open to more serendipities.

I will show up each day.

I will TRY to do what I have to do.

May you carry life and good health.

May you bring sanity.

The motto remains the same – Only good things happen to me.

I am ready for you.

Let’s do this.



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