A Letter To 2017

2017 is ending in a few days. I actually thought this will be an elaborate letter but it isn’t.  I am grateful for the opportunity to experience 2017. I have gained more than I lost. Lots of the things I had heard of became real to me. I finally let my hair down and trust the timing of God. Permit me to share my top learnings with you.

It is not so scary to allow people into your space.

Lives matter.

Do your best to be at peace with all men.

What people do to you is mostly a result of their reality. It is not about you.

Don’t take anything personally.

Give without any expectation.

Be present wherever you find yourself.

Be patient.

Stay true to the basic things you were taught in life – discipline, time management, confidence.

Don’t shrink for anyone.

Financial freedom is empowering.

Don’t overestimate your importance. You’re a mere mortal.

Go the extra mile.

When you serve, do it with all your heart.

Beauty and brains are not mutually exclusive.

Diligence pays.

Love everyone.

Assume nothing. Ask questions. You’re not a mind reader.

Fear is a demon.

Don’t worry. Just don’t.

Speak up.

Say sorry only when you mean it.

Showing appreciation for little things is not outdated.

There’s fulfilment in turning your dream into reality.

Share your learnings with others.

Stay woke.

Support other people’s dreams.

The hope is to live with this knowledge, be all we can be and be extremely open to the blessings of life. 2017 has been a good year regardless of your circumstance. Give thanks.



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