12 Takeaways From The Money Series


Over the course of the quarter, I have spent time reading and writing about money. I hope that these posts have evoked a sense of getting your finances in order or served as a reminder of why you deserve financial freedom. Today, I conclude the #MoneyCrushMonday series. This is a quick summary of everything I’ve touched on so far.

  1. Want to make more money? Check your thoughts and attitudes towards money. You attract what you think. If you want more, think abundance and look for opportunities to create abundance.
  2. Great wealth takes times. There’s no rush. Build it steadily and patiently.
  3. You’re not too young to invest. Start now.
  4. Savings is not meant for a selected few. It is not dependent on income. Form the habit of setting aside a little portion of your income.
  5. Increase in income does not equate to wealth. If you spend all the money you earn you will not gather wealth.
  6. Before you invest in any area, seek knowledge. Research on the space, ask questions and be aware of the risks involved.
  7. Diversify your investments. You never know which one will bring you the most returns.
  8. Treat your savings like your recurring utility bill. Pay yourself first.
  9. Being frugal means spending on things which matter to you and not being miserly.
  10. Have multiple streams of income – active income from your job and side hustle, and passive income from ventures which do not require your involvement all the time.
  11. Review your finances. Know where your money goes. It is only fair you know how you spend the money you work hard for.
  12. Give. Give your time. Give your money. Give to people who need your help. Look around you. There are so many of them.

Let me know your personal takeaways. I will love to hear them. In the meantime, take charge of your finances. You’ve got this!

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